Friday, October 24, 2008

I've Been Hit


Thanks Melanie for the great opportunity to share these things with everyone

Ok so you don’t have to tell me how weird I am because I already know, and am embarrassed to admit it to you all today,
1. I am ODSESSED with Twilight, not so much the movie at this point i am hopeing that my opinion will change after i see it and not get worse
2. I have always wanted to have my own store like an Evans or a Bizy Biddy, lately I have wanted my own fabric store or bakery, or even a bookstore would be fun!
3. I am craving Ruffle chips dipped in cottage cheese. That was a childhood favorite
4. I LOVE Nascar!!!! # 88 need I say more
5. I love to buy organizing supplies or just be at that section in the store
6. I think that I am contagious. Everyone that is around me is getting pregnant, it is mostly first time moms but not all of them, so watch out
7. My favorite things to read are fantasy books with Wizards and elves and just magic in General, and dragons etc.

I am going to tag Danielle Erica Amy Taylor and Amy

no, wait

no wait i have nine friends that are pregnant!! wow

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something in the water

there is something in the water that everyone is drinking.....i have 8 friends that are pregnat right now and they are all within 3 months of each other. i love it!! now my baby will have some friends to hang out with that are around its age! and i love being able to share everything with friends that have either gone through it or are going throught it or will go through it right before during or after i do. it is great fun!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Furniture

Yeah baby furniture! There is a company going out of business that my dad found out about and let us know about. They had a couple full sets but mostly just random pieces, all wood there were very nice! And luckily we found a full set that we liked and took it home with us that day. Of course we weren’t planning on taking anything home so Nate didn’t have any straps to tie the boxes down with on his truck, and luckily the furniture made it home save and sound! It was scary Nate had to go supper slow on Geneva Road, I though for sure that he was going to spill items out the back. I will defiantly post pictures when the furniture is set up… I can’t wait!!
and of course the picture is too big so this is what you get

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Sucessful Appointment

So I had another check up the other day, everything went really good! The baby sounds good and I am very healthy. So that is always good! My next appointment is the ultrasound!! Yeah I can’t wait!!!!!!! I think that I am going to take the entire day off work so that I can spend the day telling everyone the news!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


have you ever noticed that animals can sense things. when you are sad they come and snuggle with you or lonely they alwasys seem to know. well now that i am pregnant my cats just follow me around the house and when i am on the couch they are all around me they are never this attentive and i even think they knew before i did because it started happening about the time that i would have gotten pregnant. The dog seems to be more protective around me, gets mad at other dogs around me and he is usually not very aggressive. it is very interesting to notice this change in the animals.


so i finally went to Brodbents. i am so excited about that, its a fabric store and i have been wanting to go there for a long time and i found some of the cutest fabrics and can't wait to start a blanket!!

the first snow!!

yeah i love the snow!! i am so excited for it i just want to go and build a snowman!

Friday, October 10, 2008


well i had to change my photos becuase the one i had up was really ugly. Not that these are great but they are better!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Im huge!

well i measured to today and i am sad to show you this picture of my belly but i am doing it anyway
i am 40 inches around. i measured at my belly button. i am a size F and hating it. i am about 17 weeks along. i don't know what i am having yet i will find out on November 4th. so exciting!!

Our Little Baby is Growing Up

Well Nate took Brayden duck hunting for the first time on Monday and i am told that she did great! thanks to her lovely trainer Baily ( she is Ricky and Erica's Dog ). i was told that she was a little shy and wasn't quit shore what to do at first but she caught on quick and by the end of the night she was jumping out of the boast and retreaving the birds on her own. Yeah!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Making it Mine Too

you have to check out this blog! making it mine too she is trying to get the word out and has some really cute things!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


if you have not seen any of these i encourage you to do so they crack me up!! i die laughing every time, and it may be the fact that i have a bunch of very interesting fur balls that have done some of these same things. i don't know but i love them. so here are some of my favorites
my cats do this all the time no bag is safe when it comes to them
my snuggles also love to hang out in the sink to this one cracked me up as well


well i learned my lesson today. i was being good and watching conference, which was very good in case you were wondering. when it got over i went into the living room to finish the Nascar race and i had sat down for like 3 seconds and my driver gets munched. needles to say i was a little pissed!! he was going to win it for sure and instead Tony Stewart won it...blah! i should have left the t.v. alone and taken in the spirit, and now it is gone. which is a bummer because i made a big effort to watch it this time i even wrote notes and everything i really enjoyed it!!
P.S. my Driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yeah For October

I Love the Fall!!!! i am so excited that it is October now i wish that the temperature would drop instead of rise. i want to wear my sweatshirts and wrap up in a blanket by the fire with my hot chocolate. that sounds like a good plan don't you think?

The Mighty Hunters

well he got one. Yipee another head on the wall. i am told that he is a really good buck, but compared to elk all bucks look small to me now. he might even win the big buck competition at work. Good Job Nate!
Nate and Dad
and this is Brayden waiting for her friend to come home