Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Random memories of the hospital

I was in the hospital for 4 days. it got old fast i had a cathader for most of my stay so i couldn't really go anywhere, plus with the c-section they didn't want me to move much. i was so excited to see all of my family and friends there; at one point i had 20 people in my room everyone decided to come all at once.

The fist night at the hospital i had a hard time sleeping because my face kept itching so every like half hour i had to call in the nurse so that i take the medication that gets rid of the itching.

nursing has been going very well. i am so glad because i stressed about it. at the hospital she mostly slep. ashlyn was a very good baby.
Nicole Swan is one of the best nurses there. she was a favorite. request her if you get a chance! she is on the second floor. the day that she was my nurse is when the post partum depression started and i cried so hard after she left. this was the 3rd day at the hospital, and it was just nicole and I which could be why i felt so connected to her when she left.

I was swollen for an extra day and had to moniter my pee outtake. i had to use a bladder scanner which is kindof like an ultrasound for your bladder. i once peed 1000 ounces at once i was shocked no one had ever heard of such a thing.

Ashlyn Bella Brandon


The story begings March 28 2009 at 6:00 am..... We left the house thinking this was going to be our last trip away from home where we didn't have to think about someone else, there was no turning back. We got to the hospital it is 7:00 am where we meet the nurse that is going to help us through most of the day, we also had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and get wristbands put on and get the IV in my hand. i have a good pain tolerance and have no fear of needles but for some reason putting it in your hand really hurts! At about 7:30 we got the drip going and broke the water from here it was just a matter of waiting.....

I was a week late so Dr. Smith decided to induce me. i had maybe dialated to a one and the baby had not dropped at all before saterday. Dr. Smith said that she didn't like to go to far over the due date because the placenta gets bad, that is why we didn't wait until i was dialated to start my labor.

The worst part of the whole thing was waiting i couldn't eat there was nothing on television i wasn't progressing. they had a really nice veiw of the mountains nate wished that he brought his spotting scope into the hospital to occupy his time. Nate also go to go and have breakfeast, little bugger he should have starved like i was! lol
by about 10:00 am the contractions are starting to pick up, but i can't feel them yet, i can see them on the moneter going up and down i just can't feel them.

By about noon something starts to happen i reach a 4 and the contractions start to get uncomfertable, this is when i get the epidurral.

The Epidural,

first they have me sit up on the side of the bed with my legs dangling off one end with my back towards the anesthesieologist ( however you spell that ) i have sit with my arms folded while nate holds one hand and he nurse holds the other. the worst part of this whole process is the anethesieologist has to align my spine perfect which doesn't sound so bad but the whole time he is pushing so hard on my spine that it is killing me! once he is satisfied then he gives me a shot to numb the area where the epidural goes. i was not expecting this so i jumped when he put it in luckily no damage done then the epidural went in and everything was good from then on out!

by 1:00pm I had progressed to a 6 and i am starting to get excited! not very long now.... or that's what i thought. At 2:00 p.m. I was at a 7 and getting really excited.


At 4:30 the nurse kicked everyone out of the room and i started to push. This i when I started to think yes half hour and the baby will be here, boy was i wrong. They must not use the sturrups anymore because nate held one leg and the nurse held the other right up to my chest. Everytime the contractions started to peak is when i had to push as hard as i could, this was a weird feeling and hard to get the hang of because you are just pushing you can't feel anything so you hope that you are doing it right. i had to skip a few because they babues heart rate was going crazy when i pushed and the contractions were right on top of each other. Suprisingly pushing during the contraction was less painful the when i had to rest during one, the pushing gave me something to focus on. The moniter can tell how hard you push and by the end i was pushing a 32 and the highest the nurse had seen was a 36, so i was pushing hard

.......well after 2 1/2 hours of that i started to get sick and tired and she still hadn't enter the birth canal so the doctor decided on a c-section. This is the point that nate lost it, he got very emotional and started to think the worst. Nates dad and my grandpa came in and gave me a blessing which i think help alot, maybe i should have got one at the begining of the process. from here till the end it is kind of a blur. they wheeled me in and numbed me up and i was bummed that i didn't get to see anything but i probably wouldn't have paid much attention anywaise. nate was glad to have that sheet between him and the blood. You can't feel anything so when they took the baby out it was like they took your whole inside out. its the weirdest feeling ever!

This next part was no fun either everyone got to go and see the baby while i had to stay and get sown up and recover back in my room. This is when nate got to watch them giver her a bath and hang out with her. i have been told that she screamed the whole time. Its a good thing that babies don't remember alot once they get older because they do go through alot of hell at the begining!