Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thanks Erin

Erin you are an amazing photographer. The fact that Ashlyn was so fussy through this entire thing says something. These pictures turned out so good!! Ashlyn was 4 weeks old in these pictures, she has changed so much and has gotten so big!
I like the fact that she is fussy in this picture because it looks like I am trying to be a mother and calm her down. Its real not posed and I really love that about this picture.

Thats right that is my baby hanging from a branch, but she is not that far off the ground.

This one is my favorite.
Princess and the pee. She has such beautiful lips in this one

Her blessing dress

A couple posts in one

I am very behind in my posting and want to get up to date so here is one post of many days.

First Shots
ok so i feel like a horrible mom, i laughed at her when she got these. i don't know what it was but it just made me laugh. she was really good, she didn't start cry until about the second one and then a minute later she was done.

Rolling Over
she has sort of rolled over a couple of times. when i put her on her stomach she pushes off with one arm and gravity pulls her to her back. im not sure if she dose this on purpose or not but i was sure impressed!!

Baseball Game
of course we has to take a picture at the ball park for her first baseball game. it was in lindon nate was playing on his boswell olsen team.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Its Amazing.....

I was amazed at how natural being a mom has been it isn't quite the crisis situation i thought it would be. I am really amazed at how Instantly i knew her. I remember the first week of her being home i felt like i have known her my whole life like she has always been here. i always thought that it would be like getting a new animal you are excited and everything is new, but its not its like i have been doing this my whole life. It defiantly strengthens my testimony of the preexistence i now know that we all new each other before this life and that i am where i am supposed to be.