Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Its Ofiicial

So i am being lazy and instead of just putting all of the information on the blog i am just going to put of websites and you can look them up. sound good?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

He got to see ashlyn

Yeah we were able to bring Ashlyn to the hospital and nate downstairs so that he could be with her for a few hours. I don't have a way to put the pictures on my computer yet but once i do i will post them. It was so good for him to see her and she didn't cry which is what i was worried about. she was crawling all over the chair and spitting and being so cute. I was really glad that he was able to see her. I think that we are going to make two days out of the week that she comes up and then if anyone else wanted to come up at that time to see Nate they could. It is out in the lobby of the hospital so we could have a big party and they wouldn't care. hehehe

Thursday, November 19, 2009


check out this post from my sister. My family and friends are putting on a raffle and she is selling tickets so if you are interested contact her or just leave me a comment and i will get her the information. You also have the option of trying to sell them if you would like to.

I also want you to check out this blog if you don't have a facebook, because there will be some information on fundraisers and ways that you can help.

I really appreciate all the support and love that i have been getting it really means alot!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i am so horrible about updating this thing since i got a facebook page. I forget that i have a blog. Nate is doing good he is in therapy right now, he will probably be there for 8-10 weeks. The worst part about the whole thing is that they are being so strickt on the visitors. he is supposed to pick 6 visitors that can visit him throughout his stay, and they don't want any babies their. It makes sense but still sucks at the same time. Hopefully he will be able to go out side of the hospital soon and then he can see her then.
Nate is doing good he has been keeping a good attitude throughout this whole thing and i am so impressed with him! I don't think that i would be as strong. the times that he gets down is when i am home with the baby for a few days and dont see him. The doctors say that he is doing really good for how soon his accident was. he still has no feeling form his chest down. Nobody can tell us if or when that will chage because noone really knows they say that time will tell. He might go 6 months with no feeling and then one day he might be able to move his toes. I wish that i could look forward and know how the outcome would be either good or bad. I have put my faith in the lord and know that he will take care of my family and i am amazed at the peaceful feeling i have that everything will be alright. I am so thankful for all the prayers and fasting that everyone has done on our behalf i can definatly feel them working. You just never know how much support and love you have around you until something happens. Thanks to all of my support i would not be able to do this without you!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


so i just have to tell you that nate is heading into surgery now to finish the surgery that was interupted on sunday. we have been able to communicate with Nate since my dad taught him "sign language" he can now give us "hugs". he went into surgery at around 4:30 this evening so we are just waiting for him to get out and i will get an update. he has made movement in his wrists so that is an improvement from yesterday!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Pray for Nate

i was going to be brave and write some feeling about the last couple of days on here but i am just too exhausted right now. if you have not heard nate was in an acciendent and broke his neck bons they took him into surgery sunday night but had to stop because of complications ans they are planning to starting back up on thurseday. he keeps getting better so i know that the prayer poeple have been saying are working if it is one thing that i beleive in it is the power of prayer/ blessings it has a way of calming you down in situations like this. please keep him in your hearts and prayers.
the good new is that he didn't cut the spinal cord he just pinched it so i am praying that he gets the lesson that he was supposed to learn from this and that his body will be back to normal. thank you for all the calls and support i will try to update as soon as i can. please keep us in your prayers!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I fisnished Ashlyn costume

check out my boos costume on my other website I willl post pictures on this one later