Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wow its been a lot time!! Life has run away from me. We have been building a new house in PG with Habitat for Humanity and when I say WE have been building I mean Me and some volunteers. I wish that everyone could have a chance to build their house it has been an incredible experience. I have gained a new confidence and how many of you can say that you have built a house. I'm way late on posting this you you can't follow the process  but I will post some pictures and you'll just have to pretend these were weeks in advanced so here we go:
I have more pictures on my phone and when I figure out how to post them you will be able to see them. :)

This is the color of our siding and the bottom is the roof color.

This is a sample of what our cabinets will look like

The Hole
This was at our ground breaking we are the 50th house that the Utah County Branch has done so we get cake!

Above is our new dog he is about 6mo old in this picture. Well I'm guessing that he thought that little cement wall was gonna be the same on both sides...boy was he wrong. Doesn't he look so sad down there?
 These guys are amazing they are with Bike to Build and they ride their pedal bikes across the country making stops along the way to build houses. I had the wonderful opportunity to make them a very Nummy dinner and Ashlyn fell in love with one of the girls and would not leave her side!

 This is my Provo ward ( the one I will be leaving ). I am so blessed to have them they have come a couple times to help out. I am leaving them and they are still willing to help me out. They even came to me when they found out and wanted to know what they could do to help I didn't say anything to them.

 This guy on the left is my cousin and the company (Xactware) he works for came for three days in a row.  in that time they put up all the outside walls I was so impressed!!

Below is the first wall going up it took everyone there to try and lift that thing. It is the length of three bedrooms. Also from Xactware

These last four our from my parents ward. I only got to take pictures of this one build but this ward has been numerous times as well. I will always be grateful for this ward its where I grew up. They will always be special to me.

 This is me building my bedroom wall..
These two were for my family build day that I set up. We put up some of the siding. It was alot of fun watching them use nail guns and get on scaffolding etc. Love them!!

Grandma Kelly testing out Ashlyn's new slide
 Front of my house

This is the view from my roof. yes I even got on the roof and put up the shingles and let me tell you I was glad when that last one got nailed down!! It was so hot up there it melt the sole of my shoe!!

This is our old house ( before nate got hurt ), its really cool to be building in our own back yard. But in order to get a road up to our house we have to cut off some of the garage which sucks but I think it will be ok. The poor renter probably feels so redneck because not only is her garage torn off but now so is her drive way.

Well I think vivnt is here today! This company is amazing I think they have built half the house themselves. They have a whole department that looks for service projects to help out the community. Them even went down and helped with hurican Katrina a few years back.  Awesome company!!
We just finished the sheet rock on Monday. It looks so much better with the texture on it. I am so excited to paint I can't even stand it!! The picture on the right is Ashlyn in her room.

OK I think that I have done an over load so I will break here and be back another day