Saturday, February 21, 2009

The babies room

The room is starting to come along. Nate spent all day painting and putting the furniture together. He wanted to suprise me and act like he didn't do anything today but i came home early and spoiled the surprise. i was still excited and have been putting clothes away and trying to decorate. now i need to get a mattress so that i can put my cute bedding up!!

Jazz VS. Lakers

we were lucky to get to go to the jazz game a few weeks ago, i am not much of a basketball fan, but it is definatly more fun to actually go to the games. what also made it more fun was that it was against the lakers and we HATE the lakers so i was glad to see that the Jazz won! they had some really cute onezie outfits there and if i was more of a fan i probably would have bought one.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

here are some pictures of ny superbowl / birthday party. The cat is mittens/sheetrock. it was alot of fun, but the best part of that day was the Transformers comercial! I can't wait!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


so i have to tell you about my cat mittens AKA Sheetrock. for those of you that know mittens you might get a kick out of this.
well my parents are redoing their bathroom downstairs and well i guess they left a hole open and if any of you have cats you know how dangerous this is because cats like to climb into everything. anywise my parents were sitting in the living room and kept hearing this cat meowing they looked everywhere for it and finally realized that she was in the walls, so my dad had to make a new hole in the laundry room to get her out. so that is where her new name Sheetrock comes from. there is never a dull moment with cats.


i just have to say how excited i am about the new transformers movie that is coming out. i am so camping out for this one. in case you missed the preview during the Superbowl, here it is:
well here is the link to it.