Monday, May 25, 2009

The Hardest Thing

one of the hardest things that i have ever done is leave my baby while i go to work!! I bawled that whole day. i am jsut glad that i work with such great people it made the transition alot easier for me. they got me flowers and bought me luch for my welcome back gift. i have never felt so wanted at work before!
Even though Ashlyn is with grandma i still worry about her constantly and wish that i was there with her! i am very grateful that i am able to work for days a week instead of 5 that make a big diffence i hope that one day i will be able to be off more days than i work. I also go and visit her for lunch. here are some pictures at grandmas house.

one of the things that makes her smile is when i stick out my tongue it makes her laugh, the best part is when she starts doing it back to me then i start to laugh.

The First Campout

We went turkey hunting with dad in oak city and it rained on us the whole time, it was ok because i got to catch up on some reading. It rained so hard that it busted the owning right in half. We had to go to delta to geet some tools to take it off the trailer before we could leave. That was one ruff weekend!! dad didn't get any turkeys which is good because i really don't want that thing hanging from the ceiling. And since it was just the three of us these pictures arn't the best because i had to set the timmer and run.

Ok i am obsessed with taking pictures!!!

Dad and baby getting some shut eye

This is when you know she is in deep sleep, when her arms are in this position

She often has one are straigh out like this

No one ever takes pictures of mom and baby so i took them myself.

First Easter

her fist easter was alot of fun grandpa boz came over that morning to give ashlyn a big stuffed bunny, it was so cute! Grandma Boz bought her the outfit. she is already spoiled rotten. between my parents and danielle she is definatly going to be spoiled!! then we made the rounds and went to nates parents house and to my grandparents house.

Random Pictures

first bath

aslyn is doing much better with the baths she really hated them at first