Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time Outs

I am in need of some help managing my daughter she has crazy out burst totally dramatic its driving me crazy!! I  bought a small box and some puffy balls so that everytime she did something good she got to put a ball in the box. When the box was full she would get a treat. This worked great until i slacked off and she started getting treats whenever. Her new favorite thing is to go to the gas station and put quarters into those sticker machines and get a sticker, so maybe when she fills the box she can get a quarter. I even thought about letting her pull out a fun activity when she filled the box. Any thoughts suggestions?

I am also trying to figure out time outs. I saw this on pinterest that made me think differently about time outs. This lady made theses glitter jars that she gave her kids when they went to time out. When the glitter settles the child is calm and time out is over. My wonder is what exactly is the purpose of time out? To punish? To relax? To have the child think about their behavior? here sis the website if you want to read her post.

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Jordan said...

What ever you decide to do, I think that consistency is key!